Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Windows 7 Customization Tutorial

Windows 7 is gorgeous. But my fiancé is also. And yet for some odd reason I like looking at her more when she has been in the bathroom for 45 minutes and has 7 layers of makeup on. So how bout let’s add a few layers to Win7 also?

Files Needed

  • Tune Up Utilities 2010, Is a system utility but it’s main purpose here is to allow third party themes. Download 
  • Gnome-Colors-Patcher-Se7en by heebijeebi. Patches system icons to look like Gnome Colors. Download
  • Win7 Blend VS by zainadeel. So simple yet so perfect. Pretty much removes all the bad stuff from the default theme and adds some elegance. You can find more at Download

Now after you’ve gone and collected all the files install the Tune Up Utilities Trial [It’s fully useable for 30 days then after that it will just be used for allowing patched styles, unless you buy it of course ;)] After it is installed go to the start menu and type styler and hit enter. When it opens up click on Visual Style on the left hand side. Click ADD at the top and browse to the Blend VS file you downloaded earlier. Now select it from the list and click apply at the bottom right. Notice the difference?

Now to icon patching. This one will actually hack system files so be sure to make restore point [I’ve never had an issue personally though] Right click on the Extracted setup file and click Run As Administrator. If you get a UAC prompt then allow it. Choose the color scheme you would like and just keep clicking next until the app asks to reboot your computer. Allow it to. Upon reboot you will notice everything looks way better. Almost every system icon has been changed to look gnomeified. There is a lot more that you can do to customize the computer that I will post later and don’t forget to test the other useful apps that are included with Tune Up Utilities 2010

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