Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Windows 7 Upgrades for the masses.

Want Windows 7? Got XP or Vista? Want to try it free first? I’ve got you covered. This right here is a dual boot trick. Meaning you’ll have both OS’s. This is all done from inside windows so you won’t need to burn the ISO and then boot to it. This is so simple a caveman could do it. Literally. Here’s some step by step instructions on how to get the job done and keep your old system for security and compatibility.

First off you will need these apps and files on your current system.

VirtualCloneDrive Install This

EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition Install This

Windows 7 ISO X86 Torrent Download This with uTorrent. If you don’t have uTorrent then Google it and install it. You can also download an X64 version if you want to. X86 is what I run though so that’s why I chose this. And don’t worry about legality. This guide is setup as a trial. No hacking is done here.

Once you have everything then open EASEUS Partition Manager Home Edition. Choose the Disk with the most free space and click Resize/Move at the top. Move the slider at the right as far left as you can while leaving a little gray in the purple box. Click ok. Now you will see gray at the top with the words unallocated in it. Right Click it and choose Create. Then Label the partition Windows 7. Give it a drive letter of anything other than A or B. Then click OK and then Click APPLY at the top. When prompted to reboot save all your work and then click YES. Windows will reboot and then EASEUS Boot mode will resize the partition.

Once your logged back in double click on the Windows 7 ISO you downloaded with uTorrent. It should auto run but if not go to my computer and right click the disc and select open. Then start Setup.exe. Click Install now. When asked to get updates select the top option so that you won’t have to do as many updates after the install. Accept the License Agreement and then Select Custom. Choose the partition you labeled Windows 7 and then click next. The install will start and reboot the computer a few times. Upon reboot it will ask you a series of questions about setting up your computer. They are pretty self explanatory. Windows will log you in.

Congrats! Welcome to Windows 7! If you’d like to boot back into the old operating system hit the arrow key on your keyboard when you see the windows boot options screen [before the loading screen] and select your old OS. Suggestions to simplify the process? Got an issue? Leave it in the comments!

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